Medline: 2411180

Annals of Internal Medicine 103(3): 460-462, 1985.

Criteria for the diagnosis of acute leukemia of megakaryocyte lineage (M7): a report of the French-American-British Cooperative Group.

Bennett JM, Catovsky D, Daniel MT, et al.


For the diagnosis of M7, the bone marrow aspirate shows a leukemic cell infiltrate that comprises 30% or more of all cells. These cells are identified as being of megakaryocyte lineage by the platelet peroxidase reaction on electron microscopy or by tests with monoclonal or polyclonal platelet-specific antibodies. Myelofibrosis or increased bone marrow reticulin are a prominent aspect in most patients with M7. In patients with increased reticulin, the bone marrow sample may be difficult to obtain and the counts done on the marrow films may be misleading. In these patients, the diagnosis of M7 should be based on excellent bone marrow biopsy sections that show an excess of blasts and, at times, increased numbers of maturing megakaryocytes; and on the presence of unequivocal megakaryoblasts in the peripheral blood or bone marrow (or both) as shown by immunologic techniques.

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